Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time to Mobilize Part II

As you should already know the bru ha ha over Rush Limbaugh's supposed anti military slur just will not go away. The Democrats tried to intimidate Clear Channel, but the brass stood by its talent. You can find a text of his boss' response to the Democrats here. That wasn't enough today the Dems are now pressing Armed Forces Radio to ban Rush. If you want to get involved go to the petition and sign here.

Also, Congressman Pence breaks it down for us here

Just wanted to stop by and weigh in on the attacks from the Left on Rush
Limbaugh. The enmity that exists right now between American talk radio and the
Democrat Congress came into high relief this Monday as leaders of the Senate
engaged in repeated and distorted personal attacks of a prominent American

Now, while many see this as more politics as usual in Washington, D.C., I
see something more. I believe these attacks on talk radio are a precursor for
returning censorship to the airwaves of America in the form of the Fairness
Doctrine. I was actually on Fox & Friends this morning discussing this very
topic. Click
to read the transcript.

This week, Congressman Greg Walden and I requested that Democrat leaders
bring the Broadcaster Freedom Act to the floor of this Congress immediately, and
take the power away from the FCC in this, or any future administration, to
regulate the airwaves of America. ..

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