Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Silence in Syria and Panic in Iran

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Come to think of the situation, I find it "Rather" curious why the Little Man from Iran really came to the United States strutting his Little Man Syndrome and then traveling to Venezuela, further strutting his Little Man Syndrome with another Little Man.

A few weeks back, Israel performed a deep penetration into Syria to take out an unspecified target or targets. The mission was a success but how successful is still unclear seeing that Israel knows how to deal with loud-mouthed Press Schnooks...State Secret Leakers are severely dealt with, unlike here in the US, much to our detriment and due to the plethora of cowards in DC to prosecute such cretins.

There is much speculation as to that which was attacked and/or destroyed. It could be it was the Nork "nuclear material" recently shipped to Syria to be used to make "dirty" nukes; it could be the stockpile of Zilzal missiles recently shipped to Syria from Iran to be used to attack Israel; it could be that someone found the WNDs that Saddam had which was reportedly shipped to Syria before the US took Saddam out. After all, Saddam said that he might go into exile if he could take his WMD data to Egypt.

Be that as it may, the real story is the successful penetration of Syria by Israeli war planes. Syria and Iran have spent untold amounts of money to the old USSR (soon to make a come-back) for the theoretical state of the art high-tech air defense systems...which didn't work.Syria is silent. Iran is panicked. Why? They are defenseless. That is why.Others are talking about this and have been for at least since the Israeli attacks into Syria:WizbangOpinion JournalReutersFree Republic
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And this just in:

Israel lifted its official veil of silence over last month's strike in
Syria on Tuesday as army radio
said that the Jewish state carried out the attack deep inside its arch
foe's territory.
The Israeli military censor lifted a blackout on publishing
the information on the September 6 strike, in which Syria had said its air
defences fired on Israeli warplanes that dropped ammunition deep inside its

"The military censor has authorised for the first time the publication of
the fact that Israeli combat planes attacked a military target deep inside
Syrian territory on September 6," the radio said."It is the only element that
the censor allowed to be published," it added[...]In an interview aired by the
BBC on Monday, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad identified the target of the
strike as an "unused military building" and said that the warplanes had hit
"nothing of consequence."[...]Yahoo

Foreign reports, quoting unidentified U.S. officials, have speculated that
Israel attacked a weapons shipment destined for Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon,
or attacked a nuclear facility built with North Korean technology.
Korea, which provides missile technology to Syria, has denied any nuclear link.
Syria also has denied receiving North Korean nuclear help.

And what most fail to remember:

[...]Syria and Israel are formally at war. Peace talks between them collapsed in
2000 over the scope of an Israeli pullout from the Golan Heights, a plateau
which the Jewish state captured from Syria in 1967.[...]Syria is shamed and
silent. Iran is freaking out in panic. And the friends of our enemies here in
the states are shrill

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