Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunni Sheik Honored by Shia School

It is only a symbolic gesture, however it is there. The slain Sunni leader, Abu Risha, was honored when a predominantly Shia school was named after him. Of course, his story was well publicized. He was the leader of the Anbar Awakening. They were the group of Sunni Sheiks that finally struck back against AQI when they had enough of their evil tactics. He was the leader of the group, the one that organized, and the one everyone counted on to provide the charisma and strength necessary to make it effective. On September 13th he was assassinated in what looks to be a hit with help from the inside.

Now, this predominantly Shia school is honoring Abu Risha by naming itself after

The Muslim Shiite center of Iraq is naming their schools in honor of Sunni leaders who sacrificed for the good of Iraq and its citizens. This is a shining example of how I remember Iraq when I was growing up. Prior to Saddam taking a strong role in dividing Iraqis along sectarian lines and oppressing those not of his ilk, the sectarian divide was minimally noticeable and made no difference to most Iraqis. This is returning now that all Iraqis are protected by law and represented by their government. They also share a common enemy in the Takfiries of Alqaida. Both Sunni & Shiite mosques are condemning these Takfiries and their intolerance and calling for the rejection of the Takfiri movement. Much of this is aimed at the Saudi Wahabi School.

This is a story you won't find MSM because after all it's good news, and it's only one school and that isn't a trend.

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