Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anatomy of an Assassination

I just read this piece and all I could think of was The Godfather. (For the two people in this world who have not seen the Godfather I am about to reveal a crucial plot point) It was the part where Michael is betrayed by his bodyguard but his wife is in the car when it blows up. Here is the inside story of the assassination of Abu Risha, leader of the Anbar Salvation Front

He said that al-Barghouti had been in debt to some people in the car
smuggling racket in Mosul who were affiliated with al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). The
men in the car smuggling racket had a deal with AQI: the terror group would
allow them to operate, guaranteeing their security, and in return they would
pass information to AQI about who was in debt to them. The men in the smuggling
racket passed on information about al-Barghouti's debt, and AQI told them to
pressure on him to repay the debt immediately -- something he was unable to

This put al-Barghouti in a no-win situation. He couldn't go to the
authorities because doing so would have exposed his corruption and illegal
activities. Then AQI approached him to offer a way out: they would repay his
debt in exchange for al-Barghouti admitting al-Rishawi's assassin to the
compound, and not asking too many questions while he was on the way in. In this
way, AQI created problems for al-Barghouti in order to proffer the

The more you read about Al Qaeda the more you realize that in many ways these guys operate no different than the average mafjoso. Only they are more vicious, religious zealots, and if possible much more evil

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