Monday, October 15, 2007

Say no to L.O.S.T.

I haven't posted anything about this treaty because I must admit, I don't know much about it. That said, Snooper over at Take Our Country Back has put together a great piece...

Why, you ask? Because Ronald Wilson Reagan did and here is why he totally rejected the premise.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea - commonly known at the Law of the Sea Treaty, or LOST - is the darling project of the transnational progressives, or "transies." Their goal is nothing less than the establishment of world government at the expense of traditional sovereignty.Any questions?Another U.N. Power Grabby William P. Clark and Edwin Meese, 10-8-07

Don't give U.N. keys to Earth's treasuresby Tom Marzullo, 5-18-07

The thing won't die! by Henry Lamb, 5-17-07

How Americans lose under LOSTby Rebecca Hagelin, 5-17-07

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: The Risks Outweigh the Benefitsby Edwin Meese III, Baker Spring and Brett D. Schaefer, 5-16-07

A L.O.S.T. Presidencyby Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., 5-14-07

Bush to pressure Senate to revive U.N. sea treaty5-13-07

Reagan Would Still Oppose Law of the Sea Treaty by Edwin Meese III, 4-25-05

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Center for Security Policy

The Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development The Liberty Committee

Ronald Reagan's concerns with LOST

LOST poses fundamental threats to U.S. sovereignty

LOST empowers the United Nations

LOST demands damaging technology transfer

LOST is a mechanism for international taxation

LOST will restrains the operations of the U.S. military

LOST will subject the U.S. to dangerous litigation and regulation

LOST creates rigged-game decision mechanisms

LOST provides a backdoor for U.S. accession to the Kyoto Protocol

LOST creates dangerous precedents for other "international commons"

LOST creates mandatory dispute settlement mechanisms

China can use LOST to undermine U.S. interests in Asia

Russia can use LOST to support its aggressive territorial claimsAbsolutely amazingCPASEverything you ever needed to know about the United Nations take over of American Soil. Sink The Law Of The Sea AgainPhyllis Schlafly Column, 9-26-2007

Time To Stand Up for AmericaPhyllis Schlafly Report, June 2007

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We Should Drown Law Of The SeaPhyllis Schlafly Column, 3-17-2004

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Jake - Out Spoken American said...

I totally agree with everything you said, i wrote about it in my blog, and then sent a letter to the senate on why we souldnt pass it.