Monday, October 15, 2007

Rudy Picks up a Great New Enemy

Now, unfortunately, this group is obscure so most people won't notice, however Rudy can use the Jewish vote and with his stance on abortion, he certainly can pick it up in huge numbers. For instance, my dad, a big pro choice guy, is looking at Rudy because he is also a GWOT hawk. He is the profile of many Jewish people. Now, I bring you this

Rudy Giuliani named three more Jews to his foreign policy adviser team. Ruth Wedgwood, Michael Rubin and David Frum were among seven additional advisers named Thursday by the former New York mayor's campaign for the Republican presidential candidacy.

Wedgwood, like Giuliani a former federal prosecutor, is a terrorism expert at Johns Hopkins University. Rubin, now an Iran-Iraq specialist the American Enterprise Institute, was employed at the Pentagon at the outset of the Iraq war. Frum is a former speechwriter for President Bush who helped coin the phrase "Axis of Evil."

Rudy can use all the help he can get in sewing up the Jewish vote. Nothing rings in the ears of candidates more than knowing that hate groups have targeted them as enemies. For instance, the Rudy Giuliani campaign got a huge boost when targeted him. Obviously, this groups is obscure and most people aren't going to hear of them or their silly campaign. Thus, I want to do my part to let the world know that Anti Semites have decided to make an enemy of Rudy Giuliani.


TJBarker said...

I believe the angle of this take is a bit shallow. The new specialists are known public servants who have certain skills. They are not named to attract the Jewish voters. Voters seldom vote for a president because they like few of his experts. It also happens that many of them published work and participated in various assignments that established them before a candidate thought of recruiting them

mike volpe said...

I agree. I don't think Rudy picked anyone because of their religion. My point is that if a hate group has decided to make you an enemy, thent that is welcome news for any candidate. That is what happened with The minute that group got Rudy in their cross hairs his poll numbers shot up and his fundraising sky rocketed. Now, this group doesn't carry nearly the weight, so I wanted to do my part, as a Rudy supporter, to let everyone know that an anti Semitic group has him in their cross hairs as well.