Friday, October 5, 2007

S-CHIP:The S is for Socialized Medicine

I would like to introduce Fault Line USA for some guest commentary about the battle over SCHIP.

““You have to wonder sometimes how Boehner and his Republican allies in the House can look at themselves in the mirror”

Daily Kos

“Well we don’t have to worry about these far, far lefties ever looking into the
mirror. Like most social vampires, they cast no reflection!”

– Faultline USA
Here’s an excerpt of ABC’s blather that passes for journalism these days.. . .

Gathering on the White House lawn and the steps of Congress, the throngs
were joined by children who pulled red wagons filled with over a million
petitions, urging Congress to expand health insurance coverage for children.Yet,
it appears that the effort may be in vain after Bush vetoed a bill on Wednesday
that would have renewed and expanded SCHIP. . .Health policy experts now say low
and moderate income families like the Taylors will be hit the hardest if the
veto stands, and individuals fear the social and financial consequences.Congress
has already passed legislation which would reauthorize and expand the program by
adding $35 billion over five years, and covering an additional 4 million
children — a plan funded by raising the federal cigarette tax by 61 cents to $1
per pack. . .

Sweets & Light has a great response to ABC’s blatant pandering to the left on the SCHIP veto.Here’s an excerpt (but please go read all of it).. . .

Never mind that President Bush only vetoed a $35 billion dollar expansion of the
SCHIP program. There is absolutely no reason to believe that this suddenly
precious boondoggle (that most people had never even heard of before) will be
eliminated. . .. . .But just look at this exercise in objective journalism. See
if you can find any mention of any possible objections to the SCHIP program. .
.Did ABC News speak to anyone except those who were benefiting from the
taxpayers’ (unwitting) generosity? Did this reporter ask any hardworking
families what they thought about paying for other peoples’ kids health
insurance? . . .. . .Unfortunately, every day we are fed an endless stream of
execrable, agenda-driven articles like this one, masquerading as news. Articles
so blatant in their purpose they would have even made Hitler or Stalin’s minions
at their respective ministries of propaganda blush.But because our watchdog
media think they are serving such a noble purpose they are proud of their
efforts rather than ashamed.Of course that is exactly what they believed in
Hitler and Stalin’s ministries as well
.Politico writers Kady II and O’Connor believe that an override veto is unlikely. . .
Here’s an excerpt.It’s highly unlikely any House Republican will turn 180
degrees and vote to override President Bush’s veto, but nonetheless, Democrats
have decided to draw the issue out for two more weeks, until they hold the veto
override.Interviews with several of the targeted House Republicans — all of whom
are considered vulnerable in next year’s elections and are under pressure to
change their vote on State Children’s Health Insurance Program — give little
indication that any of them would flip-flop on such a high-profile issue.
If an override passes, the Daily Kos confirms our worst fears with typical
forked-tongue twisting. No I won’t hyperlink this far left nutcase blog. Here’s
the link.www(dot)dailykos(dot)com/storyonly/2007/10/4/81915/3035Here’s an
excerpt:Which uninsured children are the wrong people? And who is this program
intended to help?This report provides an overview of citizen and noncitizen
children in immigrant families in the United States and their access to SCHIP.
The section entitled "Immigrant
Children at Risk
" describes the population, their rising numbers, and their
lack of health insurance. The next section reviews the effects of the 1996
welfare reform law on immigrants' eligibility for health care, and studies that
indicate enrollment is down even for eligible immigrant families. The report
then examines some of the factors affecting enrollment, such as fears of public
charge, verification of citizenship and immigrant status, and language and
cultural barriers. Finally, the paper outlines examples of state responses
through state-funded health care and improvements in outreach, application and
enrollment. Examples from California, Texas, New Mexico and Florida are given.
The appendices include definitions for common immigration terms and a
description of federal funds available for outreach and enrollment to the
immigrant population (SCHIP, Medicaid, and the Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families program.). . . While Boehner appeals to Fortress America, state
legislatures are trying to sign these eligible kids up, because we all pay for
their care in ERs when they don't get care in a medical home. That's why 45
governors support SCHIP, from Jodi Rell (R-CT) to Arnold Schwarzenegger
(R-CA).You have to wonder sometimes how Boehner and his Republican allies in the
House can look at themselves in the mirror.
Well we don’t have to worry about these far, far lefties looking into the mirror. Like most social vampires, they cast no reflection!

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