Friday, October 5, 2007

David Iglesias for Senate in New Mexico?

Red State is just full of rumors and suggestions these days. Yesterday, they put out a rumor about former General Peter Pace running for Senate in Virginia. Now, there is an idea about David Iglesius running for Senate in New Mexico.

Of course, we all know who he is, but a quick glance at his biography shows that he is an eminently qualified, dedicated conservative, who is free from any attachments from an unpopular President because, well, he was fired for not being loyal enough.


So let's see, he's a hispanic conservative with considerable name recognition with no ties to President Bush. He's been called extremely qualified by both right and left and even has a bit of celebrity in that he was partly the inspiration for the movie "A Few Good Men." He has a reputation as an independent - a "maverick" if you will, given that he'll go against those above him when he feels it is right to do so.

Being completely independent of Bush's unpopularity alone makes him an attractive candidate, but he's also a dedicated small government conservative. This guy is the perfect candidate, and I would prefer him over Domenici any day.

Here is a quick bio on Iglesias from wikipedia

In 1995 he was a member of the White House
program, as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of
He was a state Assistant Attorney General (Special Prosecutions; defending
police officers in civil rights cases) for the state of New Mexico from 1988 to
1991. From 1991-1994, he was an assistant city attorney for the city of
Albuquerque. He went back to the state of New Mexico, first for the State Risk
Management Legal Office (1995 to 1998) as Chief Counsel, and the Taxation and
Revenue Department, General Counsel (1998 to 2001). He ran for New
Mexico Attorney General
as a Republican in 1998, but lost 51-49 to Democrat Patricia A. Madrid.[1][4][6][8]

At the time of his appointment to U.S. Attorney, Iglesias was an associate
with the law firm of Walz and Associates in Albuquerque, as well as a Commander
in the U.S.
Naval Reserve JAG Corps

In his spare time he reviews Native American films,
both fictional and documentary. In 2002, he contributed an article to Native
Peoples Magazine
, called "Brothers in Arms: Windtalkers."[9][10]

I personally don't know much about him but since A Few Good Men is in my top ten, I like him already. He was one of the now famous seven attorneys fired in the pseudo scandal the Dems milked that ultimately led to Gonzalez' resignation. Here are his thoughts on that. That said, he appears to be well liked over at Kos. (though that maybe a marriage of convenience vis a vis the scandal)

The Senate Democrats should caucus and advise the president to appoint David Iglesias as Attorney General. He has the conservative credentials to be acceptable to the Republicans. At the same time, he has the integrity to be acceptable to the Democrats.
DavidThi808's diary :: ::

In addition, while Iglesias is just a suggestion, the Democratic Senators should be very clear that they will not accept any candidate that is not as good as or superior to Iglesias. The Senate has the power to insist that the next Attorney General be a person of unquestionable integrity.
The beauty of this approach is by putting up someone who is clearly a staunch Republican and supremely well qualified, they are accepting Bush's right to appoint someone who is a conservative Republican. But by suggesting an individual rather than a generic "someone of integrity", any other candidate can be measured specifically against Iglesias.

I don't have a horse in the race however our Democracy is predicated on get the best people to run for office, and so if anyone out there thinks Iglesias is that candidate I suggest you start a blog, a facebook site, a myspace site, or go here and let your feelings be known.

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