Thursday, November 29, 2007

Post Debate Wrap UP

My alma mater played Maryland in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge last night, so priorities had my attention in other places for most of the debate. Thus, one might say that I am the wrong person to give anyone a post debate wrap up. I disagree. Since I have acknowledged that I didn't see much, I can't make a claim to a winner (which is invariably the candidate that I was supporting). Instead, I will act as a sort of weigh station for post debate stories and analysis.

First, the right blogosphere is ablaze with stories of Democratic plants asking questions.

Michelle Malkin's got the roundup: turns out that the woman framing abortion in terms of penalties for women was an Edwards supporter; the guy trying to gay-bait by asking about Log Cabin Republicans is going to vote for Obama (see also Six
Meat Buffet
and JunkYardBlog), the woman brandishing her adopted child on a badly-veiled screed for protectionism is a union organizer and aide to an Edwards supporter (see also the Autopsy); with a h/t to the aforementioned The Autopsy we see these two Jason Coleman links, one of which indicates that Corn Subsidy Boy was an ex-intern for Jane Harman and that the guy asking about why the GOP doesn't attract more African Americans is an Edwards supporter who likes to make fun of actual African-American Republicans. And then, of course, there was Hillary's guy. No doubt there'll be more*.

Since I didn't see most of the debate I don't know, I did see some sort of general actually claim that openly gay people should be allowed to serve in the military. I am certain he was a plant and likely that CNN thought his credentials would play. My guess is no. The MSM continues to exhibit the height of hubris when they think such stunts actually change public opinion.

The pundits appear to be continuing to swoon over Huckabee and his performance last night. There is nothing new there. Huckabee is, in my estimation, by far the best debater of any Presidential candidate on either side. I have long pointed out his charm and charisma. His momentum appears to be continuing if you believe the pundits. Of course, pundits said Rudy would NOT still be leading at this point.

By far, the most interesting piece is from Jay Cost. He breaks down who attacked who, how much and on what. By his account, Rudy is still the front runner. Immigration is the most important primary issue. Thompson is in trouble. Romney sees both Rudy and Huckabee as a threat. McCain has issues.

I saw the last half hour and I turned the channel when the cartoon asked a question. I thought the most interesting question was about why African Americans don't vote more for Republicans. It turns out that was a plant as well, so there is an example of my radar.

The folks at Power Line also have the round up of the debate. Here is the analysis from Richelieu who, like most Conservatives, saves most of his ire for CNN.

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