Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In the News

I have to lead with this one, because it is just so juicy. Zal Khalilzad was spotted having lunch with George Soros. Talk about politics making strange bedfellows.

So what were billionaire George Soros and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Zalmay Khalilzad discussing Tuesday when they met for a secret lunch at a luxurious but discreet restaurant close to the United Nations?

Nobody but the two men knows.

They met together for roughly 90 minutes after arriving at the restaurant separately, Khalilzad with a Secret Service escort.

Lots of questions and very few answers are available, however there could be significant ramifications. If Khalilzad wasn't authorized he needs to go immediately. If he was, then HUH?

There may have been a "breakthrough" at the peace talks in Annapolis. Color me skeptical however not only is there no "breakthrough" that a car bomb won't stop, but... where do I start? Olmert is sitting at single digit approval ratings and is being investigated. Abbas has no control of Gaza and slightly above no control of the West Bank. How many "breakthroughs" have we had? I am not saying that it is impossible. All I am saying is that peace is difficult when one side believes the other side's proper place in the world is six feet under.

Here is a story for the true political junkie. The new Rasmussen poll has Mike Huckabee in the lead in Iowa. First, can someone please produce a poll that asks Americans if they are sick of polls? That is the only one I am curious about. Second, I never look at individual polls. I only look at the RCP average. Romney continues to lead but it is tenuous. Huckabee should NOT be underestimated. He is charming and charismatic. He debates exceptionally well and he is a firm, unconditional, social conservative. On the other hand, he just made a rise in the polls, and soon enough the media will begin to examine him much more firmly. His record on fiscal issues has been described by some (by some I mean a lot of bloggers on Redstate which examines every Rep candidate the way Hugh Hefner examines playmates) is not so strong. Now, I don't know, but let's wait and see what happens after the expected media examination.

This story has received plenty of blogger coverage. Last week, there was a story out of Saudi Arabia about a gang rape victim that was punished with 200 lashes. No you didn't read that incorrectly. This week, a teach is facing a punishment of up to forty lashes in the Sudan for naming a teddy bear Muhammad. So far, she has only been charged. I have pointed out a while back that we have terrorism because the societies in the Middle East are F%^ked up. That is the crudest way I can say it and this is an example. This story is not merely one to look at like a bad wreck, but rather instructive of the systemic and serious issues that need to be resolved there if we are to win the GWOT.

Here is more evidence of turmoil in the print media. The NY Times, already struggling with obscenely low stock prices, have announced more cuts. The liberals will say that it has to do with the continued fragmenting of the media and the conservatives will say that it has to do with their bias.

The latest pew poll has a shift in perception on Iraq. It isn't surprising that the public has warmed some to Iraq, however, as I pointed out yesterday, I don't think this war will be popular with the public. O'Reilly had two top Democrats on to talk about Iraq. They continued with the narrative I talked about in the piece yesterday. I don't think it will work but go to the link and judge for yourself.

The rumor mill has Hillary Clinton tapping Wesley Clark as her VP. That is according to Amanda Carpenter of I don't care much for rumors but Carpenter is tapped into that sort of thing.

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