Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In the News


Rioting continues in France and the intensity has amped up.

Rampaging youths rioted for a second night in Paris' suburbs, firing at officers and ramming burning cars into buildings. At least 80 officers were injured, a senior police union official said Tuesday.

The overnight violence was more intense than during the three weeks of rioting in 2005, said the official, Patrice Ribeiro. He said "genuine urban guerrillas with conventional weapons and hunting weapons" were among the rioters.

On Monday night, youths were seen firing buckshot at police and reporters. About 30 of 82 injured officers were hit by buckshot, Ribeiro told The Associated Press. Rioters also hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at police, authorities said.

A few days ago, I pointed out that Nicholas Sarkozy scored a major domestic victory when he when the game of chicken with the unions. That victory maybe short lived if he doesn't get this situation under control. In 2005, his predecessor, Jacque Chirac, waited twelve days until speaking to the people. In the meantime, the perception grew that the rioters, not the authorities, were in charge. Those riots subsided however the rioters probably got the idea that they could do what they wanted. Sarkozy MUST show the kind of leadership Chirac lacked and crack the perverbial whip on the rioters immediately.

Pervez Musharraf officially stepped down as military chief of Pakistan. This opens things up for him to run for President. This situation is to complicated for my simple mind, however I do know that its consequences are serious for those of the GWOT.

North and South Korea have opened up talks on security concerns. I have long been weary of negotiating with sociopaths, and Kim Jong Il is that. I hope this leads somewhere however my bet is that it will be counter productive.


President Bush has opened up another summit on Middle East peace. As one commentator put it, every President eventually goes to this step. We all know where the last ones lead to and I fear this one will be no different. I think the problems of the Middle East are far greater than a summit however no one is claiming all problems will be solved in one day.

The housing market got more bad news with the most recent prices reporting a 4.5% drop. I have talked about this ad nauseum and you can go to the mortgage tag for more background. I don't believe the worst is over and I do believe it will get much worse. Finally, condolences go out to the Taylor family and the Washington Redskins. Their safety, and University of Miami product, died of injuries he sustained from an apparent burglary on Sunday. First thing is first, I hope that justice will be served and ALL perpetrators are caught and punished.

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