Friday, November 23, 2007

In the News

Lot's going on in the world today. Nicholas Sarkozy is on the verge of winning his stand off with the unions.

Yesterday, the strike of rail and subway workers that has crippled France for nine days was clearly crumbling, as workers began returning to work in large numbers and union branches conceded that support for the dispute is collapsing.

"We think a dynamic of return to work has begun," Julie Vion, a spokeswoman for France's state-owned railroad network, SNCF, said.

Union leaders began to concede defeat yesterday. "We have to face reality. Since yesterday's negotiations, things have changed. The strike is no longer the solution. The strike strategy is no longer winning," a leader of the Sud union representing Paris underground railway workers, Philippe Touzet, said in an interview with Bloomberg News.

One of Margaret Thatcher's signature domestic accomplishments, was her similar crushing of the British unions. Obviously, it depends on where you stand whether or not these are good things.

In Australia, John Howard faces re election. Howard faces off against Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd. Of course, there are likely a plethora of domestic issues involved in this race, however there will be those that will use this as a referendum on Bush foreign policy. I have long pointed out that while the rest of the world claims to hate America, and mostly Bush, they continue to elect pro American leaders: Sarkozy in France, Merkel in Germany, Calderon in Mexico, Uribe in Colombia, Harper in Canada, and even Howard won re election a few years back. We will be keeping a close eye on this race.

In Lebanon, President Lahood has ordered martial law.

In India, ten lawyers were killed when simultaneous bombs ripped through a courthouse.

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