Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In The News

Our least understood branch is taking up a case with serious 2nd amendment implications. This non lawyer believes that this case will come down to the interpretation of the word people in the 2nd amendment. Collectivists believe that the people refers only to organized militias, whereas pro gun groups believe that the people refers to individuals. Without getting off tangent into a discussion of the 2nd amendment, I suggest everyone read this book by Judge Andrew Napolitano. In it is a thorough explanation of the roots of the second amendment. It should be noted that it takes a pro gun stance however I was sold.

The net is abuzz with this Democratic poll in Iowa. It shows Barack Obama with a four point lead. I personally hate polls and even worse I hate too much emphasis on one poll. Real Clear Politics continues to have Clinton leading in Iowa. The lead is small and not insurmountable, however this will no doubt lead to a rush of pundits questioning Hillary's aura of inevitability. Since most of them gave it to her, if this happens, it will be more than ironic. As Dick Morris pointed out on H & C last night, Hillary is only bruised if she loses and guaranteed if she wins. This poll is frankly for the obscene political junkie.

There maybe a stem cell breakthrough. If I understand this correctly, scientists may no longer need embryonic stem cells, however this is so far over my head that I will just give a bunch of links and let the audience decide for itself.

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