Thursday, October 4, 2007

Time to Mobilize Part III

I just finished posting about how Media Matters acts as the Dems attack dogs in silencing anyone they disagree with when I found this on the blog, Copious Dissent

Media Matters is now running a campaign to get Rush
taken off the air. This
is getting really scary since Hillary Clinton started Media Matters
. If you
go to their website, and type in your State, they will display the phone number
of the President of your local radio station. Evidently, they want their
Stalinist supporters, who never listen to his show, to demand he be fired. So,
like we do with all Liberal grassroots campaigns on this blog, we let them do
the work for us. I'm sure some poor intern spent hours creating this database to
facilitate this garbage. Nevertheless, that makes our plan much better.

Now, it is time to act. As they point out, all you need to do is follow Media Matter's own links, and get to your local radio station that carries Rush. Call in or email and let them know that a small group of smear attack dogs can't be allowed to silence free speech just because they disagree with it. If you are going to email, here is a standard email courtesy of Copious

Dear President X:I staunchly support Rush Limbaugh and condemn the
fabricated attacks against him. I hope that you will defend MY 1st Amendment
right to hear his opinions. Please do not allow a small minority of people to
pressure you to censor him. We are in the majority, not Media Matters nor



Just in case you haven't done it already, please go here to Stand With Rush and sign their petition as well.

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