Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Speaker Pelosi Spreads More Propaganda

We all remember this fine propaganda gift that Nancy Pelosi gave, our country's enemy, and her new friend, Bashar Assad when she decided that being Speaker of the House wasn't enough work. Thus, she thought she would also take on the role of Secretary of State.
Well, Madame Speaker is at it again, and she continues to provide more and more propaganda to our enemies. H/T to Little Green Footballs.

The United States appears to be illegally torturing terror suspects
contrary to denials by President George W Bush, House of Representatives Speaker
Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday.The country’s highest ranking Democrat also said
that she still hoped to get most US troops out of Iraq by the end of 2008,
despite the party’s repeated failure to win over enough Republicans in Congress
to an exit strategy.

Interviewed on Fox News, Pelosi said reported interrogation tactics such as
simulated drowning, head slapping and exposure to extreme temperatures would
amount to banned torture. “There is a legal definition of torture that I believe
this would fit. The president says it is not,” she said. But the House speaker
said she had received only limited briefings from the Bush administration on its
interrogation tactics, and had not seen a controversial 2005 memo issued by the
Justice Department.

Justice Dept authorising torture: The New York Times on Thursday alleged
that the Justice Department document had authorised and justified the use of
violent techniques in interrogations of “war on terror” suspects.

There is a lot here. First, I don't believe that head slapping is actually torture: ripping out fingernails one by one, lighting body parts on fire, a stick smeared with red chilli powder or green chilli paste thrust into the anus... now those are what I would call torture. More importantly though, if you treat the President as your enemy, as the Speaker does, then your words will be quite pleasing to the real enemy, and that is what happened here. Trying to score cheap political points by demagoguing everything is all fine and well when it comes to SCHIP. That is an internal matter, and the only propaganda you will create is for the left wing blogs. Demagoguing when you are trying to score cheap political points when it comes to interrogating terrorists causes you to feed propaganda to our enemies.

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