Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SAVE Act: The Follow Up

As usual on such matters, the hat tip goes to Numbers USA. They are all over such matters. Here is the latest coming from them.

Representative Heath Shuler (D-NC) is expected to introduce the Secure America with Verification and Enforcement Act (SAVE Act) November 5th. NumbersUSA
believes this immigration enforcement-only bill is just the vehicle to give us a chance to pass immigration legislation through the Democrat-controlled Congress that would actually improve the lives of most Americans.

Your Democratic U.S. Representative could quickly improve his/her immigration-reduction grade (click here to his/her see ABI gradecard) by becoming an original co-sponsor of the SAVE Act. He/she needs to hear from you TODAY. Call your representative and urge him/her to sign on as an original cosponsor to this important legislation, which would immediately begin to reduce the magnet for illegal immigration.

Once again, the SAVE Act would create a system where each employer can verify the status of each and every employee and potential employee. My main potential problem with this bill is that it sounds good in theory but may wind up being a scary monstrocity in practice. This bill would no doubt create another massive government bureaucracy and that almost never works. I want to hear some details about how this will be addressed, however that is what a full and fair debate is for, and everyone should be for that. Here are some more details.

We know Attrition Through Enforcement works because, in states that have passed tough new laws to penalize employers of and deny public benefits to illegal aliens, the illegal aliens began to move out of those states, often before the new laws are even implemented. As it currently stands, almost 200,000 illegal aliens self-deport from the United States every year, but imagine how many more would leave if our government refused to award illegal aliens another amnesty, mandated all employers to verify a person’s eligibility to work here, cracked down on identity fraud and enabled local police to easily transfer illegal aliens in their custody to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

Among many detailed border security provisions stressing more agents and better technology at minimal operating costs, the SAVE Act would: increase border patrol agents by 8,000, utilize new technology and fencing to secure the border; expand specialized enforcement programs, such as the "Tunnel Task Force"; and, address the "jobs magnet" by strengthening The Employment Verification Program (E-Verify) to close security gaps, address loopholes, and make it mandatory for employers.

The E-Verify program provides employers with an inexpensive, quick, and accurate way to verify employee eligibility. E-Verify has already achieved tremendous success, but is currently voluntary and offers little incentive for employers to participate. This puts users at an economic disadvantage when it is only being used by a fraction of U.S. employers and competitors continue to hire illegal aliens.

Last, but not least, the SAVE Act would address interior enforcement by employing more ICE agents, training additional state and local law enforcement personnel, and expediting the removal of illegal aliens by expanding detention capacity and increasing the number of Federal District Court Judges. Furthermore, this legislation would begin a targeted media campaign to inform illegal aliens of new laws and penalties, while also informing employers of penalties for hiring illegal immigrants.

Again, this all sounds great in theory and I hope it can be worked out but it needs to be debated fully first. The political dynamics on this are very interesting. While Shuler is a Democrat, he is also a Blue Dog, or quite moderate. The far left hates the Blue Dogs almost as much as they hate the Republicans. Don't look for any Soros disciples in Congress to back this up. They won't need to if the Reps get behind it in unison, but since he is still a Democrat, will they allow politics to trump policy? Only time will tell if that will happen. Please go here, find your representative and let them know that this bill needs a full and fair hearing.


Here is my email to my Representative Rahm Emanuel.


Your colleague Heath Shuler is about to present the SAVE Act on the floor of the House within a week. This bill creates a system in which every employer can identify the status of everyone of their employees,. I think we finally have some sensible legislation with a lot of potential to do some real good in ridding this country of the Cancer of illegal immigration. More than once I believe your party has played politics with this issue rather than looking to make good policy. A couple weeks ago your Senate colleagues voted against making cities like ours, sanctuary cities, illegal. All but one Democrat voting against this bill. That is frankly reprehensible.

I don't know if the Democratic leadership is pandering to the Hispanics, trying to create a new base of current illegals, or simply bowing down to your puppetmaster, George Soros. Either way, your party has shown that it is more interested in compassion for law breakers than it is for the rule of law. I hope that will change with this bill.

This bill is being introduced by a fellow Democrat. I have one major problem with this bill. It appears to create a new huge government bureaucracy and that is almost never good. I believe with the proper debate this can be addressed and resolved. I hope that as a leader in your party and in the House in general, you will show that leadership in doing your part to make sure that this bill gets the debate it needs.

Now, it is your turn to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Hi, All I know is that I am totally against reward to the law breakers (illegal aliens). They have invaded our country. I cannot understand why so many politician, like John Mccain, Mrs. Clinton, and others don't stop working on behalf of the illegals. I am for the "Save Act" and I hope it will never lead to passing a bill for a massive amnesty for illegals. I also hope that non of the candidates who be elected president of the US in 2008 would ever consider giving amnesty for illegals.

2togo said...

Never has there been such corruption and debasing of America and it's citizens as is ongoing right now with the current administration from congress to the Bush administration. Democrat or Republican has no meaning anymore. The new age politicians are now globalist or nationalist, (re; Americanists or constitutionalists.) New York citizens should recall this dangerous Governor and expose him for what he represents which at the very least is the lack of intergrity and common sense. His agenda is more about voting rights for illegal immigrants than driving privilages. Trust me when I tell you that Americans applaud the county clerks and citizens of New York for taking action. They should throw this bum and anyone that supports him out on their ears. Thank's from Texas and America.

Anonymous said...

90% of white americans have forefathers who can to this country illegally and received amnesty. This save act is impractical and racist just like the people who support.

mike volpe said...

90 percent I am sure you have proof of that.

I will be waiting. I notice you also throw out the tired old racist card.

I do not know about other ancestors however I came here legally with my parents from the Soviet Union.

Frankly, your entire comment is nothing more than an incendiary attack at those that are trying to end illegal immigration.

Carol said...

After reading the guest commentator's comments today, I am that much prouder of Congressman Heath Shuler's proposed SAVE at. Ada Volkmer used words such as inhuman, burdensome, detrimental because of burdens passed on to employers, business and law enforcement. Employers use an I-9 form to establish residency before employing people. Aren't we discriminating against legal aliens by saying, let's not do that to the Latino's. They want to work, raise huge families, driving expensive vehicles and remain anonymous. She is afraid this legialation will further polarize our country - not going to happen lady. They don't even take the time to learn our language, haven't you noticed job descriptions "bilingual preferred". We don't expect France or other countries to be fluent in English. This is a double standard she believes in. I have lived in this country for over 50 years and I, for one, am tired of double standards. Wake up Amy - help them to become citizens first if you expect American citizens to support any of your causes. And don't throw Thanksgiving in our faces - it did not start because of Latino's - do your research (of AMERICAN history).

Anonymous said...

It's funny how those who are not white always use racism to silence white people.

I am white and I am a naturalized immigrant. I came to the US legally and got my citizenship a few years later. I support legislation against illegal immigration.

The real racists are those who are not white and cannot stand a predominantly white america. They just want us to become the minority in this country. They are the advocate of uncontroled diversity. What white people have to understand is that more diversity means less of them and more of the others.

One thing is sure at least. If the white people were not here to give a job to people from other ethnic groups,especially illegal aliens coming from hispanic countries, these people probably would not be able to create a job for themselves. If they were, they would have done it in their own country.

Anonymous said...

My parents both immigrated to America LEGALLY many years ago. My husband just immigrated here from England. LEGALLY. It took us 1 year and a half to get him over here. He had medical tests out the wazooo and had to prove he was not going to be "a burden on society."
First off, i think ANY and ALL LEGAL immigrants should be outraged by the idea of amnesty or any other form of giving illegals rights. there is a reason we have an immigration process. #1 to keep disease out. #2 to keep track of those that enter our land. #3 to make sure ppl arent coming here for easy money. and MANY MANY more reasons.
i get so SICK of hearing ppl say illegals do the jobs americans want to do, because in all honesty-i bet you any american WOULD do the job if only those penny-pinchers would dig a little deeper into their pockets and pay educated and SKILLED workers what they are worth.
i think amnesty is a ridiculous idea... Giving ppl the right to benefits for doing something illegal? while everyone else is still standing in line doing things the proper way? COME ON!!!!

Anonymous said...

For too long, Congress and the President have looked the other way while our immigration laws were broken. The bottom line is that no law we pass in Washington will be effective until it is enforced. So the SAVE Act increases the investigative abilities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by increasing agents, including an additional 140 Criminal Alien Program officers to pick up those illegal immigrants local law enforcement has apprehended.

If we subsidize something, we get more of it. This country subsidizes illegal immigration. Our immigration laws are not enforced. We give social benefits to illegal aliens. Local law enforcement is prevented from enforcing immigration laws. We give illegal aliens our jobs.

It’s time for Congress to step up to the plate and pass enforcement legislation without a pathway to citizenship. These two issues need not be linked.