Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The New Amnesty Nightmare?

Last week, the Senate voted down an amendment that would have outlawed sanctuary cities. This week the Senate is planning on taking a vote legalize millions of illegal aliens under a new bill called the DREAM Act. This bill would legalize all minors who came over illegally with their parents.

What is dirty and underhanded about the DREAM Act is the manner in which Harry Reid, the leader of the Senate, is trying to push this bill through the Senate. Harry Reid is using an obscure Senatorial procedure to push this bill through without the sort of debate and scrutiny it requires. The leader is using Senate rule fourteen to push this through. While this gets very technical, in layman's terms Rule 14 allows Reid to fast track the bill for a vote without much debate.

Let's recap what has happened since the contentious Senate debate over illegal immigration in the summer. While the Legislature authorized that roughly seven hundred miles of fence be built barely more than twenty miles have actually been put up. As I mentioned, last week the Senate killed an amendment that would have outlawed sanctuary cities. Now, the Senate wants to introduce and pass a bill that will legalize millions of illegals.

The reason that there was uproar this past summer over the illegal immigration bill wasn't because there was too much enforcement, too tough a penaties, and not enough consideration for the illegals themselves. The reasons were the exact opposite. The people didn't trust the government actually follow through on the border enforcement at the same time they were legalizing millions of people that crossed the border illegally.

Senator Reid either has no idea what the pulse of the American people is, or he simply doesn't care. Rather than taking care of the business of enforcing the border as the people demanded very forcefully this past summer, Senator Reid has decided to skip border enforcement altogether and move directly along to making lots and lots of illegals, or as he calls them undocumented Americans, legal.

Senator Reid either thinks the American people are too dumb to realize what he is up, to apathetic, or he simply doesn't care. Everyone can stand by while this bill passes and do nothing or we can mobilize and email, fax, and call until we shutdown the switchboard at the Senate. I think the second option is the best option. I implore everyone to follow this link and find your Senator and Senator Reid and tell them what you think of amnesty without enforcement. If you stand by and do nothing, you WILL get the government you deserve as a result. Please prove Senator Reid wrong.

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