Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Momentum Shifts on the Genocide Resolution

According to Fox News, several prominent Democrats have begun to waver on the resolution to condemn the nearly century old slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire as a genocide.

A House vote to label the century-old deaths of Armenians as genocide was in jeopardy Tuesday after several Democrats withdrew their support and sounded
alarms it could cripple U.S. relations with Turkey.


The most notable Democratic challenge mounted this week came from Rep. John Murtha, an anti-war ally of Pelosi, D-Calif., and chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Murtha fought against a similar measure 20 years ago.

"From my discussions with our military commanders and foreign policy experts, I believe that this resolution could harm our relations with Turkey and therefore our strategic interests in the region," Murtha, D-Pa., said in an e-mailed statement on Tuesday.

Also this week, at least six Democrats withdrew their sponsorship of the bill and two other Democrats, Reps. Alcee Hastings of Florida and John Tanner of Tennessee, asked Pelosi to forgo the vote.

With regards to Murtha's awakening, I am reminded of the great line from White Men Can't Jump

The sun shines on dog's a$$ somedays.

Either way I am glad to see he understands the recklessness of this NON BINDING resolution. As anyone who has been paying attention to this blog should know, the momentum has shifted in Iraq for the good guys and the last week we have seen mostly good news however there is tension on the border of Kurdistan and Turkey. The Turks have amassed troops and are threatening to cross into Kurdistan in what is known as "hot pursuit" of the PKK terrorist group. Now, I have asserted that the Turks are most likely saber rattling. If they cross into Kurdistan they will have the entire Kurdish population not only in Kurdistan but Iran and in their own country against them. That is frankly a situation they cannot contain.

Still, tensions are high and now is not the time to throw flames on an already hot fire. That is what this meaningless, non binding resolution condemning this massacre from nearly one hundred years ago will do. That is why it continues to be the time to act. Speaker Pelosi continues to insist on moving forward and so we all need to get a hold of her here and give her a piece of our minds. Also, please go here find your Rep and tell them how you feel about this resolution.

Please feel free to post your messages in my comments and please share any responses in the comments as well.


Speaker Pelosi,

I understand that despite the split within your own party you are insistent on moving forward with the NON BINDING resolution to condemn an act that is almost a hundred years old by a country that no longer exists (the Ottoman Empire which is now Turkey). The Turks have already recalled their ambassador after this NON BINDING resolution made it out of committee. They have amassed troops on the Kurdistan border and are threatening to cross. When the French passed a similar NON BINDING resolution, the Turks cut their planes off from their air space.

Our military uses their air space for missions into Iraq and we use their roads as part of supply missions. Clearly, the Turks could damage our ability to prosecute the war in Iraq.

On Fox News Sunday, you "claimed" that you wanted us to win in Iraq and that you are for the troops, well if you insist on moving forward with this meaningless resolution, you will prove that your actions say something completely different.

You will show that you would politics above our country's geopolitical position in the world. Your disastrous trip to Syria proved that you have absolutely no idea how foreign policy works, and the picture of you sitting across from Assad buddy to buddy will be a fixture for all time. You have proven so far to be totally incompetent and this resolution is no different.

I beg and I urge, quit while you are behind. There is no reason to move forward and you will only embarrass yourself even more if you do.

The worst thing that could happen is if you actually are able to pass this. If you did, it would damage our relationship with an ally, hurt our position in the war, and all of this would be done to pass a NON BINDING resolution over an event that happened nearly one hundred years ago involving a country that no longer exists.

I have taken the lead now everyone else must join in and exercise your own first amendment rights.

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