Tuesday, October 30, 2007

L.O.S.T Coming Up For a Vote

I have to admit ignorance vis a vis the L.O.S.T. treaty. Thus, my go to guy is Mark "Snooper" Harvey over at Take Our Country Back. The vote is coming and L.O.S.T. threatens our sovereignty and sounds like exactly the sort of thing that George Soros would love.

Theoretically, all we need is for 34 Senators to be against this retarded "treaty" for it to be quietly removed from the Senate calendar.Get on the phones...jam the email servers.JUST SAY, "HELL NO!" TO GIVING AWAY OUR SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL SECURITY to a defective, defunct and waste of an organization such as the United Nations. The ONLY thing the United Nations is united for is to be against the United States.Paul Weyrich has a must read column at Townhall. We have until 11/1/2007 to swamp our Senators as we did with the Shamnesty deal.Get off your rumps and make your voices heard!Cliff Kincaid has an article at The August Review as well and it also is a must read.

Can the U.N.'s Law of the Sea Treaty not only be delayed but defeated outright in the Senate? That's the question that conservatives are delightfully pondering as a remarkable series of events has put the pact, supported by the Bush Administration and the liberal leadership in the Senate, in serious jeopardy. Perhaps the most significant development is the announcement by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell that he will oppose the White House and vote against the treaty.As opponents of the treaty make their case in advertisements and on cable TV and talk radio, Republican senators are increasingly hearing from their constituents that they don't want the treaty ratified because it will undermine American Sovereignty and hand more power over to the United Nations.[...]Read the two articles and I also have a herd of pieces on LOST right here.

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