Friday, October 12, 2007

Hillary Flips on Iranian Negotiations

To know if this is a true flip flop or just nuance we would need to get into areas where we will once again try and figure out what the definition of is is. I don't really want to do that. That is frankly par for the course for Madame Clinton as Charles Krauthammer points out. Instead, I just want to analyze the sensibilities of her current position vis a vis Iran.
Here is her current position .

[A]sked about it Thursday by a voter, the New York senator said twice that she, too, would negotiate with Iran “with no conditions.”

“I would engage in negotiations with Iran, with no conditions, because we don’t really understand how Iran works. We think we do, from the outside, but I think that is misleading,” she said at an apple orchard.

To me this is just mind boggling. I have a metaphor and let me know if it is appropriate. By Hillary's standards, if I don't know anything about car engines, I should try and fix my car myself before taking it to the mechanic. She says we don't really understand how the Iranian system works and thus she wants to jump in with two feet and begin negotiations. She doesn''t understand the nature of the enemy we are dealing with and she sees absolutely no potential negative ramifications of talking to them directly. I have pointed out before that the ruling government of Iran is a network of sociopaths. Furthermore, I have pointed out that George Soros is trying to buy the next Presidential election and unconditional negotiations with Iran and Syria is one of the pillars of Soros' vision of the GWOT.

None of these points should be taken lightly. Sociopaths are master manipulaters because they spend their entire lives getting what they want without ever thinking about the well being of anyone else. The ruling elites of Iran want to rule the entire Middle East. They already have proxies in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. The control the world's fourth largest oil reserve. They will use whatever unconditional negotiations with her administration to further those goals, because that is what sociopaths do. They manipulate every situation to their advantage.

Finally, it is no wonder that the majority of Democrats running for higher office favor some sort of unconditional negotiations with Iran. Most of their entire agenda: whether domestic, economic, or in this case foreign policy, mirrors that of George Soros. He wields a lot of power in their circles and the Dem candidates would much rather kow tow to him than take him on, in my opinion.

Do you think I am paranoid and turning Soros into the Democratic version of Karl Rove? Maybe? Think about this. More than half the Democrats running for office favor teaching second grader a book about two Princes living together. More than half want to eliminate the don't ask don't tell policy in the military. None of them want to do anything about securing the border. These radical positions mirror the radical positions of George Soros exactly.

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