Friday, October 19, 2007

Driver's Licenses for Illegals:The People's World Weekly Spins

Now that I have a stat counter on my site, I am able to easily and quickly analyze the traffic to it. It was a result of this stat counter that I found this blatantly dishonest article from the People's World Weekly. If you follow this google search you will find my piece listed along with a piece from the People's World Weekly. While the People's World Weekly is nothing more than an obscure worthless newspaper which is force to leave free newspapers in bookstores, coffee shop's etc, they are indicative of the kind of misleading information filtered about by those that occupy the sphere of the open borders crowd. If you can read, you will see that this article is full of misleading statements and downright lies. (while this article is almost three years old much of the debate remains the same)For instance, there is this.

While the struggle continues for legal status for the undocumented, immigrant communities and their allies continue to fight for several related goals. One of these is access to drivers’ licenses without having to provide a Social Security card – required just about everywhere. Without drivers’ licenses, many immigrant breadwinners end up driving anyway, because there is no other way to get to their job.

Without drivers’ licenses, immigrant workers also cannot get automobile insurance, which creates a mess for everybody.

In Illinois, the struggle to find an alternative means to provide drivers’ licenses to immigrants has culminated in the state Legislature. Last November, a bill in the state Senate missed approval by just one vote (Gov. Blagojevich had said he would sign it). But on March 31, a similar bill, HB 4003, was defeated in the state House of Representatives by a vote of 43-68 with six representatives voting “present” and one absent. Anti-immigrant groups, playing heavily on fears of terrorism, had done their work.

It is the time honored tradition of referring to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS as undocumented or just merely immigrants. While referring to them as merely immigrants, the author immediately wants to give them rights that only legal citizens should enjoy. Furthermore, they immediately demonize anyone that dares stand up for the rule of law.

In the world of the open border crowd, not only are those that violate our sovereignty really just undocumented, but they should also be allowed to have the same rights and freedoms as those that are legal. Furthermore, anyone that actually believes in the rule of law is immediately referred to as a fear monger.

What follows next is even more outrageous.

Some of the Spanish-language media handled the vote in a very troubling way, creating the impression for Latino readers that the defeat was due to a “betrayal” of Latinos by African American legislators. Thus it is very important to look at the details of the vote.

On March 31, 13 of the 18 African Americans in the House voted for HB 4003. Two voted against, and three voted “present.” Six of the seven Latinos voted for the bill, and one voted against. But of the white, non-Hispanic representatives, only 24 voted for the bill; 65 voted against it, and three voted “present.” So only about 23 percent of white representatives supported the bill, as opposed to 72 percent of the African Americans and 86 percent of the Latinos. So its defeat was the fault of the African Americans? Strange math!

Breaking down the white, non-Hispanic vote by party, we see that only 16 white Democrats supported the bill, although it was backed by the Democratic governor and the Democratic speaker of the House. The Republicans also split: 44 white Republicans opposed the bill, while eight supported it. All three white, non-Hispanic representatives who voted “present” were Democrats.

Now, Geraldo Rivera has lead the charge in painting anyone against illegal immigration and for the rule of law as really just anti Hispanic, however it is uncanny how the only ones that ever bring race into the picture are those that are for open borders. Of course, the insinuation is that those evil, evil whites are against the Latinos. After all, that is the only reason they could possibly have voted against this bill.

The article further goes on to drive home the standard compassionate arguement that these people just need a way to earn a living and that they would drive with or without a license. Of course, the article totally misses the point that being here illegally means they aren't supposed to earn a living, however in the view of the People's World Weekly, sovereignty and the rule of law aren't really all that important. These people believe that the U.S. is under obligation to take anyone that comes here.

Well, now the debate has started once again in the Illinois Senate. Once again, our legislators want to disregard the rule of law and grant driver's licenses to those that aren't here legally. The same scare tactics and demonization will come from the other side. We will be vilified, called racists, and void of compassion. The illegals will be referred to as undocumented or simply as immigrants. Those that oppose driver's licenses will be called nativist, fear mongers and racists. Don't buy it folks and don't shrink from the fight. Just remember when the facts are on your side you argue with facts, and when they aren't you demonize the other side.

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