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Dems Get Deeper into Bed with Soros

As I pointed out last week, the important part of the Betray Us ad story is who is fronting the money for the group, That person is George Soros. Well, another of his attack dog groups, Media Matters, stirred another pot with another adversary, Rush Limbaugh, later in the week. Here is how it went

So, word is that the Democrats will introduce a House resolutionMonday condemning Rush Limbaugh for his remarks about phony soldiers. Brian Maloney points out that ABC News aired a report on phony soldiers and Operation Stolen Valor two days before Rush made his remarks. Asks Maloney: “Given the overwhelming evidence to support Limbaugh’s contention that he really was talking about phony soldiers who have faked their service, how does the left justify continuing this fabrication?”

Here is what this phony fiasco is really all about: It’s about the Democrats trying to save face in the aftermath of the disastrous “General Betray Us” smear. They want their own moment of righteous (or rather, lefteous) indignation, their own empty proof that they really, really, really do support the troops. They want to shift attention away from, its bully tactics, and its thug brethren at Media Matters. They are making a pathetic attempt to equate the “Betray Us” attack–which was deliberately timed for publication and maximum p.r. damage to our military command when the world was watching our top general in Iraq testifying in Congress–with a radio talk show host’s ruminations about anti-war
soldiers who have faked their military records/history

Here is a transcript of the important portion

BREWER: Some leading Democrats are attacking radio talk show personality Rush Limbaugh because he called soldiers who opposed the Iraq war "phony." Limbaugh was criticizing the anti-war movement generally and made the comment to a caller.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It's not possible intellectually to follow these people.

CALLER: No, it's not. And what's really funny is they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and spout to the media.

RUSH: The phony soldiers.

BREWER: Democratic Senator John Kerry is demanding an apology from Limbaugh, whose comments he calls "disgusting and an embarrassment."

RUSH: That's really rich. John Kerry, whose own soldiers, his own personnel, fellow soldiers in those Swift Boats, at least many of them who said he was lying about his supposed heroics, this is the same John Kerry who went out and insulted the intelligence of the troops, thereby torpedoing his own 2008 presidential candidacy. His statement includes these words: "This disgusting attack from Rush Limbaugh, cheerleader for the chicken hawk wing of the far right is an insult to American troops." I was not talking, as Contessa Brewer said here, about the anti-war movement generally. I was talking about one soldier with that phony soldier comment, Jesse MacBeth. They had exactly what I'm going to play for you. It's Michael J. Fox all over again. Media Matters had the transcript. But they selectively choose what they want to make their point. It runs about three minutes and 13 seconds, the entire transcript, in context, that led to this so-called controversy.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It's not possible intellectually to follow these people.

CALLER: No, it's not. And what's really funny is they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and spout to the media.

RUSH: The phony soldiers.

CALLER: The phony soldiers. If you talk to any real soldier and they're
proud to serve, they want to be over in Iraq, they understand their sacrifice
and they're willing to sacrifice for the country.

RUSH: They joined to be in Iraq.

RUSH: It's frustrating and maddening, and why they must be kept in the
minority. I want to thank you, Mike, for calling. I appreciate it very much.
Here is a Morning Update that we did recently, talking about fake soldiers.
This is a story of who the left props up as heroes. They have their celebrities
and one of them was Army Ranger Jesse MacBeth. Now, he was a "corporal." I say
in quotes. Twenty-three years old. What made Jesse MacBeth a hero to the
anti-war crowd wasn't his Purple Heart; it wasn't his being affiliated with
post-traumatic stress disorder from tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. No. What made
Jesse MacBeth, Army Ranger, a hero to the left was his courage, in their view,
off the battlefield, without regard to consequences. He told the world the
abuses he had witnessed in Iraq, American soldiers killing unarmed civilians,
hundreds of men, women, even children. In one gruesome account, translated into
Arabic and spread widely across the Internet, Army Ranger Jesse MacBeth
describes the horrors this way: "We would burn their bodies. We would hang their
bodies from the rafters in the mosque."

Now, recently, Jesse MacBeth, poster boy for the anti-war left, had his day
in court. And you know what? He was sentenced to five months in jail and three
years probation for falsifying a Department of Veterans Affairs claim and his
Army discharge record. He was in the Army. Jesse MacBeth was in the Army, folks,
briefly. Forty-four days before he washed out of boot camp. Jesse MacBeth isn't
an Army Ranger, never was. He isn't a corporal, never was. He never won the
Purple Heart, and he was never in combat to witness the horrors he claimed to
have seen. You probably haven't even heard about this. And, if you have, you
haven't heard much about it. This doesn't fit the narrative and the template in
the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party as to who is a genuine war hero. Don't
look for any retractions, by the way. Not from the anti-war left, the
anti-military Drive-By Media, or the Arabic websites that spread Jesse MacBeth's
lies about our troops, because the truth for the left is fiction that serves
their purpose. They have to lie about such atrocities because they can't find
any that fit the template of the way they see the US military. In other words,
for the American anti-war left, the greatest inconvenience they face is the

RUSH: That was the transcript from yesterday's program, talking about one
phony soldier. The truth for the left is fiction that serves their purpose,
which is exactly the way the website, Media Matters, generated this story,
fiction, out of context, did so knowingly. What is amazing is that after all of
the examples of how this organization is simply a Democrat Party Hillary Clinton
front group; how they constantly do this; how they take things out of context
and embarrass themselves and get things wrong; they still have credible
so-called journalists and others, members of Congress, Democrat Party, who treat
what they say as gospel. Not one member of the media, not one congressman,
nobody has called our office to ask, "Did you really say this? And what did you
mean by it?" The reason this does not work, ladies and gentlemen, is that I have
a 19-and-a-half-year record on this program of being one of the most devoted
supporters of US military personnel in uniform that there is.

Now, Rush is referring to the plethora of supposed soldiers and even real soldiers that have doctored up incidents to put a negative spin on the war effort. These soldiers include, Jesse MacBeth, Scott Thomas Beauchamp, Amorita Randall, and also Josh Lansdale just to name a few. Rush was not speaking of soldiers that then go on to protest the war. Maybe he wasn't clear, and maybe he was, however he made his intent very clear soon enough. Still, that wasn't enough and the Soros cohorts at MSNBC had a field day with this story. It turned into an absolute orgy

TAMRON HALL: Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh never served
in the armed forces, so when he made the following comments about Iraq War
veterans who return home to oppose the war, it set off a firestorm of outrage.
Take a listen.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: It's not possible intellectually to follow these people.

CALLER: No, it's not, and what's really funny is they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and spout to the media.

LIMBAUGH: The phony soldiers.

HALL: MSNBC wanted to hear Mr. Limbaugh's side of the story, but he declined our invitation. Instead, he offered this on the show today. Here's a quote: "If anybody owes anybody an apology, the entire Democrat party, from Hillary Clinton on down, owes the U.S. military an apology. They owe me an apology, and they owe the American people an apology -- and are they owed massive defeat in 2008! They are irresponsible, they are dishonest, they are incompetent, and they pose a great threat to this country -- as evidenced by this small little episode."

HALL: To talk more about that episode, U.S. Army Colonel Jack Jacobs, who's an MSNBC military analyst, is here with us to talk about this. So, Colonel Jacobs, it's interesting, of course, MoveOn.Org, heavy criticism, even taken up issue on the Congress floor about their "General Betray Us" ad. Is it different when you criticize a general as MoveOn.Org did as when you compare to Rush Limbaugh's comments about soldiers?

Retired Colonel JACK JACOBS, MSNBC military analyst:

Well, stupid talk is stupid talk no matter who it comes from and who it's talking about. You know, when I was in Vietnam, we looked back at the states and saw all the turmoil in the streets, the yelling and screaming in Congress, complaints and moaning and groaning on television, and we didn't pay any attention to any of that stuff. We had lots more important things to do like taking care of each other and completing the mission. Whether you're for the war or against the war, it's really quite irrelevant.

HALL: So it does not affect the morale of troops because you often hear people say, oh, they can hear what's going on here, and it affects the way they feel out there.

JACOBS: Well, they do hear what's going on, you know. With technology being the way it is, with all the information that's going out to the battlefield and coming back from the battlefield, there's a huge, so they can hear, everybody out there can hear everything that goes on back in the United States, including stuff like this and MoveOn.Org and so on. But they're not paying any attention to it.

HALL: How are troops who come out and, lately have come out against the war, how are they treated and perceived by other personnel in the military?

JACOBS: Well, it's interesting. You know, it's a free country. You can say anything you want to anytime you want to. And that includes soldiers, as well, but it's an interesting thing about war. Emotions that are forged in the crucible of combat are extremely tough indeed. And most of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, they like to think about their comrades, about taking care of their comrades, and it's going to be very, very difficult to get them to say anything bad about their comrades and what they do. They can oppose the war and think that we've done a bad job, we didn't use enough resources, we should have gone in with more troops, should never have gone in in the first place. They can think and say all those things, but at the end of the day, they're going to keep faith with the troops who are back there fighting.

HALL: But without some of their insight, we would not be able to know the other side. Of course, my father was in the Army for 35 years. He follows the line, I know. He's master sergeant. But without insight from the troops, you have all of these people on the outside who have never served chiming in giving their opinion.

JACOBS: Well, you raise a very significant question. It's really a good thing that we, we ought to pay as much attention as we possibly can to people who have the experience, including the generals who have come out and said, look, we did this all wrong, and we the generals should have paid more attention to it and said more at the time, and pay no attention to people, for example, like Rush Limbaugh and the people at MoveOn.Org who have no military experience at all.

HALL: So from the people who have the military experience, are you thinking that they want MoveOn.Org, Rush Limbaugh, both sides just to shut up at some point?

JACOBS: Yeah, I think if you were to distill it down to its irreducible minimum, I think soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines would like people who don't know what they're talking about to just shut up.

HALL: All right, thank you very much, Colonel Jacobs. Always good to talk to you. Love that frank talk that you give me.

It continued on Countdown...

RUSH LIMBAUGH: I never said what you think I said

OLBERMANN: Not only did he, now he said something similar about the Congressman and Vietnam vet Jack Murtha.

OLBERMANN SOON CONTENDED: Limbaugh now trying to claim that his tirade
referred to just one phony soldier, Jesse MacBeth who falsely claimed to be an Army Ranger and veteran of the Iraq war. That re-write might have a better chance of passing the smell test had Mr. Limbaugh's original 'phony soldiers' comment -- still plural at that point -- not come nearly two minutes before he ever mentioned MacBeth on yesterday's radio show. Limbaugh making things worse for himself today by adding Congressman John Murtha, a decorated Vietnam vet, to his list of 'phony soldiers' -- now back to being plural.

AUDIO OF LIMBAUGH: How about Jack Murtha blanketly accepting the notion that Marines at Haditha engaged in wanton murder of innocent children and civilians?

I have already pointed out the sophisticated and complicated yet cozy relationship between the Democrats and George Soros. Now, the Democrats have joined the fun. Harry Reid is demanding an apology and Congressman Udall, also running for Senate, has even taken up a motion for a non binding resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh. Now, clearly, they are hoping to strike back at Conservatives and minimize the damage from the Betray Us ad, however this is going to back fire. What they have actually done is further brought out into the open their own cozy relationship with George Soros. Remember, everyone that Media Matters is the attack dog funded by Soros through his Tides foundation (which of course gets their money from OSI and yes it is supposed to be this complicated). Now that the Democrats of our legislature are treating the words of Media Matters as gospel, there is nowhere else to run. Their relationship with Soros and his attack dogs is there for everyone to see.

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