Thursday, September 20, 2007

Will Moveon Hand Rudy Iowa

Their hubris of course knows no limits. Only hubris of an unbelievable scale could have made anyone at that group think the now famous Betray Us ad would work on the entire population. Now, they are taking on Rudy in full force. They have decided to expand their advertisements in Iowa against him. This from CNN
The liberal advocacy group announced Tuesday it is expanding its Iowa
television ad attacking GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani to national
cable, a move that follows the former New York City mayor's release of a radio
ad blasting the group and calling himself its "worst nightmare."
The MoveOn
ad, which began airing in Iowa Monday, slams Giuliani for leaving the bipartisan
Iraq Study Group after two months. The ad argues that he “has always been a big
fan of George Bush’s war in Iraq. Yet when Giuliani had the chance to actually
do something about the war, he went AWOL."
Giuliani's radio ad released
Tuesday does not address MoveOn's claims..."

Now, as we all know, it was a tactical error for Rudy to wait so long to advertise in Iowa. As a result while he is the prohibitive front runner, in Iowa, Mitt Romney, fourth or lower nationally, leads. We all understand how important the first state is to the national race, and now, while in the lead on the one hand, Rudy trails where it will probably matter most.

Enter to pump Rudy up in Iowa. If we all think about it, placing anti Rudy ads in Iowa are not only more effective than his own ads but obviously much cheaper. Rudy now has priceless free advertising at a time when he desperately needs it.

Is their hubris really this ridiculous? What do the folks at think will happen everytime any Republican primary voter hears one of their ads attacking Rudy? Do they really think that their political opponents will be swayed in their direction? Obviously, we all know what will happen as a result of this full frontal assault on Rudy by

Rudy loves to fight. I have mentioned it earlier. I wouldn't be even slightly surprised if I found out that in school he got into lots of fist fights. Now, he gets into lots of poltical fights. Rudy will fight with as long as reciprocates, and if that means a confrontation all the way to the primary in Iowa in January so be it. Of course, if that happens he won't just win Iowa but win big.

So, if I am in the Rudy camp, I am grinning. I wouldn't want to smile too big or maybe just maybe, will realize what any high school level poly sci class student can figure out on their own.

As a Rudy supporter, bring it on, Rudy is behind in Iowa and he needs all the help he can get.

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