Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hillary to Save Social Security

I found this via newsmax. Hillary seems to have reached a new level of unrealistic campaign promises with this one...

"The New York senator told the AARP's legislative conference that she would
bring a "renewed national commitment to Social Security" to the White House."

Not only did she promise to save social security, but she also promised that she wouldn't do several things...

"Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton promised retirees that if elected president she
will not cut Social Security benefits, raise the retirement age or privatize the
taxpayer-funded system...
"She also said she does not support cutting
benefits or increasing the retirement age. Seniors can begin collecting partial
benefits at age 62, with full benefits available at age 67 for those born in
1960 or later."

Now, I personally have considered social security a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme works by getting a person to invest with the promise of future returns. The way that person is paid is by getting more people to invest with their own promise of future returns. Social security works much the same way. Each generation is paid by the taxes of the generation just younger than them. All working Americans are currently paying for the current retirees.

As with any ponzi scheme it works as long as you can find new suckers. The social security ponzi scheme had an endless supply of new suckers or at least that is how it would have worked in theory. The only problem was if one generation had a boom in births...

Now, the baby boomers are the suckers holding the final bag in the ponzi scheme known as Social Security. There aren't enough new suckers to fund their promised investment. Of course, all of this is lost on Hillary Clinton who says this about Social Security,

" This is the most successful domestic program in the history of the United

If it is the most successful domestic program in the history of the United States, then why does it need saving? By Hillary's standards the airlines are the most successful businesses in the United States.

Of course, Hillary won't do any of the politically dangerous things to save Social Security: she won't cut benefits, she won't raise the retirement age, or privatize. In fact, she said this about privatization...

"When I'm president, privatization is off the table because it's not the answer
to anything"

One has to wonder really hard if she is talking strictly about Social Security or in general. Remember, Hillary also believes in socialized medicine, having a village raise a child, and she was even once quoted as saying, "it is time to end the on your own society and bring in the era of the we're in it together society". Hillary is closer and closer everyday to admitting what I already know that she is in fact a Socialist .

Finally, Hillary has mastered the art of Chutzpah. With all of these other options off the table, how exactly does she plan to save social security...

" Clinton said instead she will protect the program through fiscal
responsibility and criticized President Bush's leadership on the issue."

Clinton maybe a lot of things but a champion of efficient government, fiscally responsible government, she is not. Just a few weeks ago she promised to set aside one billion dollars to bail out struggling homeowners. That maybe noble and compassionate (and of course downright counterproductive), but it is NOT efficient. She also wants to socialize medicine, about one eighth of our economy. That plan maybe a lot of things but efficient it is not. She is the one that wants a village to raise a child. That plan maybe a lot of things but efficient it is not. How exactly does efficient government square with Hillary's plans to nationalize everything she possibly can? I don't know and I doubt she does either.
Of course, we all know what "fiscal responsibility" really means and the National Review points it out...

Well, let's see, when raising the retirement age, cutting benefits, and private
accounts are taken off the table, what's left? You're pretty much left with the
option of bringing more money in, a move more commonly known as tax

they finish by describing everything that Hillary wants, not just for Social Security, but for all policy...

"Privatization is "not the answer to anything." Well, we know where we stand
with her - government ever bigger, ever more controlling, ever more powerful,
ever more expensive"

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