Thursday, August 30, 2007

Omar's Latest

Omar, of Iraq The Model, has his latest dispatch...

For most of the time between 2004 and 2007 taking this road was considered
suicidal behavior as the chance someone would be robbed or killed was too
high.But with the tribal awakening in Anbar that cleared large parts of the
province from al-Qaeda the highway is expected to be safer, but how much

My family returned yesterday from a vacation in Syria and they have used
this road twice in six weeks. I had tried hard to convince them not to do that
and take a flight instead but now after hearing their story I'm convinced that
my fear was not justified; the road is safe…

This is good not only for Iraq's economy and traveling but also for the
American troops who can use this road as an alternative supply route in case the
British troops withdraw and leave the strategic southern highway between Kuwait
and Baghdad unguarded.

Back to the story; there are two travel plans for passenger SUV's and buses
from Damascus to Baghdad; one includes leaving Damascus between 10 pm and
midnight, reaching the Syrian border control before dawn, entering the Iraqi
border control at 8 am and arriving in Baghdad around sunset. A total of
approximately 20 hours with 6 to 7 hours lost in waiting and passport

According to Omar, the highway between Anbar and Baghdad, once a suicide pact, is now so safe that buses stop on the side of the road to sleep. Good news and something the MSM would never want to report.

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