Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nutroots Declares War on Everyone

Everyone that they have any disagreement with that is. Hey, as long as you tow the line they won't go after you: Bush is evil, we must not confront Iran, Israel is evil, warrantless wiretaps are evil, Gitmo is evil, the Patriot Act is evil, The ACLU will protect us all, have I missed anything. These are a lot of things to tow the line on.

Of course, their hatred for Bush is long and distinguished and needs to links or further exposition. Their first Democratic target was of Senator Joseph Lieberman. Their first television network was FoxNews, and their first foreign ally was Israel. Now, they have set their their sites on some segments of the Democratic that they don't see eye to eye with.

While for now, they have only given mild criticism of the Democratic leadership, I think that will change if in September the troop surge is ACTUALLY given more time. In the meantime, though we have some delicious political theater right now.

The wrath of the netroots right now is the Blue Dog Democrats and the Democratic Leadership Conference. Now, as much as I love watching political theater, this is even better because there is nothing like watching the other party in an all out civil war. Harold Ford Jr. did something sacreligious last night, at least according to the netroots. He showed up on FoxNews. To make it worse he criticized Daily Kos.

“I would have gone to DailyKos (mispronouncing the name and getting the
name of the YearlyKos conference wrong, too) and told them, ‘I think you’re
wrong the way you go about practicing your politics. If you’re serious about
winning the war and bringing the country together, get another message and
another set of tactics.”

To me this is frankly mild criticism, but maybe as the old saying goes, "you can dish it out but you can't take it"

On another front, the Daily Kos is now in all out hissy fit over the Blue Dogs supporting the warrantless wiretapping program. They are ready for an all out war come the primaries in 2008,

Some are already talking about primary challenges for Democrats whom they
consider enablers of Mr. Bush, like moderate Blue Dogs who formed the core of
Democratic support for the eavesdropping proposal in the House. On the Web site
Open Left, the blogger Matt Stoller accused the Blue Dogs of one of their
“standard betrayals.”

Right now, this is all just political theater in my estimation, however it will take on extra significance if the surge continues beyond September. I predict Kos et al to go into full out scorched Earth upon anyone that they consider to enable the surge. Let's remember that all but Joe Biden came to the Yearly Kos convention and no one went to the annual convention of the DLC. Thus, we know where the people running for President are in the fight.

Can the supposed disciplined, pragmatic, and intelligent, Hillary Clinton really be so politically blind. Yeah, it sure makes sense to kow tow to Daily Kos during the primary season but it is literal political suicide during the general election. Does Hillary really think that a group that hates Israel, hates the war on terror, hates any measure that protects us, hates everyone but themselves...does she really think that getting into bed with this group will win in the general election.

Bill O'Reilly has already declared war against Daily Kos et al, and in war he is, I am betting on him. Here is what he said recently

All the Democratic candidates failed to show up at a moderate Democratic
meeting in Tennessee, yet they kiss the feet of the hateful radicals.
election time, independent voters will remember that if the far left ever comes
to power in this country, you can kiss the USA as you know it good bye.
it's interesting to note that Congress just passed a law giving the National
Security Agency more latitude to monitor calls from the USA to suspected
terrorists overseas. Obviously, that's the major terror fighting tool.
But it
is vehemently opposed by the far left. Read the lead editorial in Tuesday's New
York Times if you want their point of view.
Senator Clinton voted against
that new law, as did Barack Obama -- another mistake. Again, come election time,
pandering to the far left will be a factor in how independent Americans
The reason the Democratic candidates are making these foolish decisions
is that they see the mainstream press actively rooting for the far left to
succeed in America. Talking Points could not find one media account of the Kos
convention that even criticized their vile postings, grossly insulting people
like Senator Joseph Lieberman. The bias is disgusting.
On CNN, Howard Kurtz,
again, loaded up his discussion of the convention with anti-O'Reilly guests. Not
one supported exposition of the hate site -- not one. Now Kurtz knows this is
unfair, but he continues to do it.
This entire thing is simply out of
control. Just because you run a Web site doesn't mean you can't defame and
injure people. Every Jewish person in the world should be marching against the
Kos for all the hate Israel stuff posted on it.
Senator Clinton and the
others may think that the far left approval will help them, but it will not. You
just wait and see.

I think he's right. We will see but I will take bets in the meantime.

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