Monday, July 2, 2007

Iran in Iraq...Daily Kos yawns

Here was the story from Baghdad today...
U.S. Military: Iran Using Hezbollah as 'Proxy' in Iraq

Anyone that is really surprised that Hezbollah is now in Iraq just hasn't been paying attention. Iran has already used this same proxy to start another war not one year ago. 2006 Lebanon War & The Israel-Lebanon/Hezbollah War

In fact, their proxies are starting wars everywhere Analysis: The Hamas-Fatah war & Hamas Versus FatahOn top of that, the equipment, training, and cash for much, if not most, of the alphabet soup(IED, EFP, etc.) of homemade explosive devices that are killing our soldiers in Iraq originate in Iran ...Iranian EFPs Remember those EFP's that could only come from Iran? & Evidence of Iran supplying weapons, expertise to Iraqi insurgents

Why just a couple months ago, they went ahead and took some British Marines hostage Iran's new hostage crisisIran raises the hostage stakes

I haven't even talked about the 800 lb. gorilla in the room yet. Yes, Virginia, Iran is upto no good and it is high time we do something to stop them.

Not at the Daily Kos..."Iran Invades Iraq, So Bomb 'Em!" - List of Dems Who Say "Bulls--t!"They use this episode to take an opportunity to preemptively condemn the Republicans for rattling the sabers of Iran and war mongering.
It is of course in keeping. Guess who they were rooting for when Iran's proxy Hamas took on Fatah...Victory For Hamas In Gaza(can you root for neither side in a war?)
In Iran's other proxy war the Kos Kids weren't sure which side to take...Victory For Hamas In GazaDoes Hezbollah have a right to self-defense?Some believed that this melancholy was really more of a cynical spin job...Kos, Hezbollah, and Israel Not the Kos Kids, they would never act cynically...

For instance, this isn't cynical, "And now Rupert Murdoch's paper The Sun has announced that Iran has invaded Iraq. Tom Newton Dunn - a reporter of some credibility and now "Defense Editor" at The Sun - has attached his name to this story. Other Conservative journals are no doubt picking it up as I write this, but I'm not going to encourage traffic to their sites." nor is this, "This is how they do it: Develop the message on the Right Wing, and move it bit-by-bit into the MSM, see how it works. On the Right Wing, bombing Iran is simply a fait accompli. The Neo-Con argument for bombing Iran is self-evident. Neo-cons either bomb Iran or there is no reason for Neo-cons to exist. Who else do they have to bomb? Republicans know they need to widen this Iraq war. That's why all the major Republican candidates are talking "victory". As long as you can keep adding enemies and dropping bombs on them, you don't ever have to admit you lost"

This is the same group that uses every opportunity to question the legitimacy of Fox News as a source of news Carl Cameron DESTROYED in Outfoxed Video Clip Establishment players take aim at Fox NewsFox News: Libby NOT GuiltyThis is the same group that pressured the Democratic Presidential candidates to bow out of two debates sponsored by Fox News Who is attending the Fox News Debate in Nevada?ACTION: Freeze Out Fox NewsOne by one the candidates kowtowed to the whims of the Kos Kids Edwards Not Participating In Fox/CBC Debate Clinton, Obama Shun C.B.C.-Fox DebateWhat do we expect these candidates to do regarding Iran if they become President? They talk tough now...Democrats and Iran: Look Who Supports Bush's Next War Iran must know world won't back downbut how fast before they kow tow on this issue to the Kos Kids. The Kos Kids are already watching, "even such Anti-War Democrats as Senator Obama could not resist falling in line. And Dems have been using the anti-Iran rhetoric to some imaginary political "advantage" for quite some time". This is what our foreign policy will turn into in Democratic hands.
By the way, what I didn't see in that diary about Iran was any solutions, just criticism, but that is also so the Kos Kids...but I digress

One last thing, my response to that Daily Kos diarist is that, tecnically, most of the acts mentioned by Iran are acts of war Act of warThis is an important technicality to this diarist because I believe that the only response to an act of war is all out war, let alone multiple acts of war.

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